Growing up in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina – Noa was charmed since a young age with her family’s passion for hand crafted leather designs. Now an adult, Noa embarks on a journey around to World to share that passion with you.

Noa’s Leather Collection is born.

Noa’s Leather Collection brings to you unique designs featuring authentic World famous Argentinean leather, hand crafted locally with pride.

Our cattle are naturally fed in the majestic open spaces of Argentina leading to the highest quality raw material with a distinct texture and scent. Our family uses unrivaled techniques passed from generation to generation to hand craft your hand bags, wallets and accessories with great attention to details and style. Each becomes an individual work of art bringing to you a view into our lives, traditions and cultures: full of colors, joy, life and charms.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we invite you to view our collection of finely crafted handbags and companion pieces.

We want to thank you for sharing our passion!

Always, Noa .-

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